Jialin Yuan


ūüďß yuanjial [at] oregonstate.edu

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I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Oregon State University, advised by Professor Fuxin Li.

I received my Master and B.S. degrees from Xidian University in 2013 and 2010, respectively.

I was a research intern at Microsoft Research (Bellevue, WA) in 2022. During my internship, I worked at the ROAR team and Ye Yu as my mentors.

I was an engineering intern at Uber AI (Palo Alto, CA) in 2019. During my internship, Jingchen Liu as my mentors.

I am broadly interested in computer vision. Specifically, my research interests include

  • Image / Video Segmentation
  • Image-Language Understanding
  • Image Generation
but not limited to.

selected publications

  1. Rethinking Multimodal Content Moderation from an Asymmetric Angle with Mixed-modality
    Jialin Yuan, Ye Yu, Gaurav Mittal, Matthew Hall, Sandra Sajeev, and Mei Chen
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2305.10547, 2023
  2. Maximal Cliques on Multi-Frame Proposal Graph for Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation
    Jialin Yuan, Jay Patravali, Hung Nguyen, Chanho Kim, and Li Fuxin
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2301.12352, 2023
  3. BATMAN: Bilateral Attention Transformer in Motion-Appearance Neighboring Space for Video Object Segmentation
    Ye Yu,  Jialin Yuan, Gaurav Mittal, Li Fuxin, and Mei Chen
    Computer Vision‚ÄďECCV 2022: 17th European Conference, Tel Aviv, Israel, October 23‚Äď27, 2022, Proceedings, Part XXIX, 2022
  4. GWAS identifies candidate regulators of in planta regeneration in Populus trichocarpa
    Michael F Nagle,¬† Jialin Yuan,¬†Damanpreet Kaur,¬†Cathleen Ma,¬†Ekaterina Peremyslova,¬†Yuan Jiang,¬†Christopher J Willig,¬†Greg S Goralogia,¬†Alexa Ni√Īo Rivera,¬†Megan McEldowney,¬†and others
    bioRxiv, 2022
  5. GWAS identifies candidate genes controlling adventitious rooting in Populus trichocarpa
    Michael F Nagle,  Jialin Yuan, Damanpreet Kaur, Cathleen Ma, Ekaterina Peremyslova, Yuan Jiang, Christopher J Willig, Greg S Goralogia, Alexa Rivera, Megan McEldowney, and others
    bioRxiv, 2022
  6. Robust high-throughput phenotyping with deep segmentation enabled by a web-based annotator
    Jialin Yuan, Damanpreet Kaur, Zheng Zhou, Michael Nagle, Nicholas George Kiddle, Nihar A Doshi, Ali Behnoudfar, Ekaterina Peremyslova, Cathleen Ma, Steven H Strauss, and others
    Plant Phenomics, 2022
  7. Deep variational instance segmentation
    Jialin Yuan, Chao Chen, and Fuxin Li
    Advances in neural information processing systems, 2020